7 building blocks for a good website

SEO is simply Search Engine Optimization or simply translated ‘search engine optimization’. It is also a term for which there is no exact science, but for which there are many misconceptions circulating. We therefore clear 9 myths about SEO for you.
1: User-friendly It is important that the visitor can quickly and efficiently navigate through your website and quickly find the information that may interest him or her. Everything starts with a clear structure, both for structure and content.
2: Visually appealing The design of your website reflects the values ​​and vision of your company, but it must also stand out from the crowd and match the corporate identity of your company. Moreover, the appearance of the website goes hand in hand with user-friendliness. A site can and must be easy to use and visually attractive!
3: Objectives What do you want to achieve with your website? In other words: what are your goals? For one company this can be mainly promotional and recruiting, for another company it may be mainly informative. Whatever it is: each starting point needs a different approach, determining structure, visual elaboration and content. 4: Responsive or mobile friendly Responsive means that your website structure must be flexible and adapt to the screen size of mobile devices (tablets, smartphones,…). A mobile-friendly website is an absolute must, as a large proportion of visitors visit the website via a mobile device. A responsive website also means a higher score in Google and a faster loading time. Is your website already mobile-friendly? TEST YOUR WEBSITE HERE! Not satisfied with the result? Ask for the best solution! 5: Easy to find Searching the internet starts with search engines. The best-known example of this is of course Google. All efforts are of no use if the result is ultimately not found. So the key to success is to be found quickly and efficiently by your target audience. Here we immediately think of the terms SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEA (Search Engine Advertising). SEO is the technique to make a website score higher in search engines. SEA is the technique of online advertising. The perfect addition to your SEO optimization! 6: Measurable The advantage of online efforts is that the results are very fast, comprehensive and accurately measurable. Via analysis tools, such as Google Analytics, heat maps and buzz trackers, you can closely follow the result of your actions. 7: Easily customizable A Content Management System or CMS is indispensable for a good website. The content of your website must be alive! Your website should be the first place where customers can read about new products and developments. You can easily manage that information (texts, photos or videos) yourself via the CMS.
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