Video surveillance


More Than Choosing the Right HD Camera

Rather than merely looking at your immediate security concerns, you should consider how the choice of a VMS today will impact what you will be able to achieve as your security needs and video technology evolve over time. Deep integration of the latest IP cameras, readiness to support the computational needs of HD and 4K video, and adaptability to complex network topologies and new storage solutions are all important considerations when choosing a modern VMS platform.

Video Management Software You Can Rely On

Count on the availability of live and recorded video whenever your team needs it, and experience uninterrupted access to your video even if you lose connectivity to your server. With embedded failover capabilities and built-in redundancy and health monitoring mechanisms, the Omnicast system protects your recordings from network failure and physical damage, while giving you real-time notifications on system health and uptime.

Remote Video Surveillance with iPhone, iPad, Android!

  • View your Cameras from Virtually Anywhere!
  • Day/Night Vision in HD
  • Zoom-in HD Licence Plate Recognition (LPR)
  • 1080p HD Live Vieuw
  • Protect Against Theft & Reduce Loss
  • Improve Employee Productivity & Safety
  • Capture Ultra Clear Images with HD Video
  • Easy Setup with Help from Our Experts!

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