Belconet sets up, support, and maintain local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and other networking systems (Infrastructure/Network Cabling). We also install servers, routers and switches, as well as firewalls and network-related software programs. Our specialists work for a variety of employers, including information technology firms, education companies, and health care organizations. We are also able to work on field (travel to see clients in person to solve or maintain their networking problems). We also address software-defined, open source, cloud, and other networking demands.

  • Infrastructures Systèmes (Serveurs, Chassis, Blade)
  • Stockage des données en réseau (NAS, SAN)
  • Sauvegarde des données
  • Virtualisation

For the best of comprehensive business tech support coverage, our products, include:

  • AssistIT – automated remote IT network maintenance
  • StoreIT – tapeless backup and disaster recovery services
  • HostIT – virtual server and cloud services
  • SecureIT – automated firewall / security updates


Visibility into SSL encrypted traffic, plus Secure Web Gateway, Data Center Firewall, Gi/SGi Firewall and IPsec VPN


Protect your users, applications and data from emerging threats because the Internet can be a dangerous place to do business.

Stop Advanced Attacks

Application Delivery Controllers and Server Load Balancers


Increase customer retention and employee satisfaction by delivering a fast application experience because no one has time to wait.

Get the speed to succeed

Carrier Grade Networking gateway for IPv4 and IPv6 and DDoS Protection

Always On

Protect your network and applications from the threat of DDoS attacks because it only takes one outage to lose customer confidence.

Protect your network