Belconet accompanies your projects in a modular way every step of the development cycle.

Value Chain:


Understanding of the problem

Belconet analyzes your project from a technical perspective in appendant to your needs globally.

Finding solutions

Belconet translates your business needs in an effective and coherent technical architecture with the challenges of your project. This step will result in the drafting of technical specifications. We also offers you its experience, its technological intelligence and capacity for innovation.


The development hardware and / or software are done in parallel to achieve prototypes that will test their functionality. The complete solution combining hardware and software will then be tested on a test bench.

Implementation / Production

The software implementation is in its on-site deployment (pilot or not) and management update mechanisms. The hardware production consists first in the industrialization of prototypes to produce in series. It is during this step that we proceed to the qualification of equipment for certification (laboratory tests). Then series production allows a constant quality level between batches by the management of the order of components, production coordination, programming components and unit functional testing. This step can be completed by mechanical design and product packaging so it is ready for sale.


During support, Belconet ensures constant corrections, adjustments and changes required. Level software support includes providing the necessary adjustments to train users or installers. The support can be done on site or remotely. Level hardware support is to evolve the product from version to version, to make any repairs and work on site if necessary.