Case studies



Home Automation: contribution to the development of a line of products for the home control centrally. Heating, lighting, access control, sound, image, internet access, the flaps are controlled by a single system in which orders are distributed in the house. This union of technologies improves the comfort and safety of home with intuitive features and designs.


Automation for nursing home: contribution to product development manager nurse call features, intercom, access control, registration of care and home automation in combination with the phone and fire protection systems.

Energy / HVAC

HVAC: development of a valve opening system placed in the distribution pipes of the air conditioning. The modules are networked to enable centralized management of the air conditioner.
HVAC Automation: Development of an energy management system optimizing the operation of several heating systems (PAC, boiler, solar panels, ...) based on the building's energy needs. Needs are calculated using a sensor network (T °, H °, presence, ...) scattered in the building.


Data entry: Development of different types of cash registers: soft keyboard and touch screen.
Leak detection: Development of a system to measure the tightness of fuel tanks by a sonar-type technique.
Measurement of electromagnetic pollution: development of a portable antenna used to measure the level of electromagnetic waves. This is used by the health department to verify if the environmental working conditions are acceptable to health.


handset: Development of a telephone handset for particular business application requiring archiving of conversations sequences for possible further processing for documentation purposes.

Logistic transport

Geo: Development of a portable system that allows field personnel to send predefined messages and locate the while ensuring protection of privacy.


LED road lighting: developing a "smart" light whose light intensity adapts to the natural light, the period of the night and density of road traffic. Networking is made to limit power-line wiring costs.

Education / Sport

Copier fleet management: Development of a copier management system for the copycenters. It controls access to copiers, counting copies, calculate the price of each work, follow the paper level ... These features help reduce queues and the risk of theft. A system based on the same principle has been developed for schools. It operates autonomously and enables teachers to manage the number of copies per class which avoids paper waste.
Geo: Development of a positioning system (GPS) to track paramotor (longitude, latitude, altitude, direction). These parameters are linked to Google Earth to firstly locate on a map the position of the driver and also restore his vision of the landscape during the flight.